Reasons for Child Support Payment Changes

Child support payments are a part of most divorce settlements in which children are involved. These agreements stipulate exactly how much financial support one spouse will give to the other after the divorce, exclusively to care for a child or children. However, as these payments typically continue until a child is at least 18 years old, it is likely that the child support payments themselves will be subjected to change over time. While my team at The Majors Firm knows that changing child support payments can be confusing for Rockwall residents or even unwanted, understanding why such changes may occur can help you be better prepared.

Reasons Your Child Support Could Change

Child support payments can change based on numerous factors, though some of the most common ones include:

  • The receiving spouse gets remarried
  • The receiving spouse has a higher income
  • The paying spouse loses income or suffers a job loss
  • The needs of the child increase or decrease

All of these situations could result in a change to child support payments, whether you’re paying or receiving this support.

Discuss Modifying Child Support with a Divorce Attorney in Rockwall

At The Majors Firm, I put my clients’ needs first, and consider all of your concerns a top priority. If you are facing an unwanted increase or decrease in child support payments or are seeking such a change, call . My legal team and I can help you understand your options and begin working to possibly get you the agreement you need.