New Location

301 N. Fannin is located at Lot No. 5, Block D in Rockwall county. This lot was established in the original platting of the City of Rockwall on September 6, 1861. Ownership of the lot from 1861 to 1878 is not known. Deed Records show that W.A. Atherton purchased Lots 4 and 5 at public auction on May 7, 1878. For both lots he paid 84 cents in back taxes plus $2.50 in penalties.

It is not known when the actual structure on the property was built. Thomas Ridgell owned the property from 1913 – 1923. Mr. Ridgell was a local lawyer, Rockwall County Attorney, and state representative from 1913 – 1915. Based upon county deed records the home was likely built by Mr. Ridgell prior to 1923. Indoor plumbing was not made available to the home until the last 1970’s. It was converted into commercial space in the early 1990’s. It is one of the oldest remaining structures in Rockwall County. It was my pleasure to return the building to its original style and structure while adding some modern day touches.