Nathan Majors

I graduated from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law (now Texas A&M School of Law) in 2000 and received my license to practice law that same year. I spent the first four years of my legal career working for a plaintiff’s firm specializing in toxic tort litigation. From there I spent time working for another plaintiff’s personal injury firm focusing on motor vehicle collisions and premises liability cases. I moved to the defense side on 2005 and began working for Ekvall & Byrne, LLP where I learned how to try cases. I opened my own firm in 2009 where I continue to defend motor vehicle claims and premises liability cases. I’ve tried cases to juries across the state of Texas with tremendous success. The Majors Firm, PLLC has beaten the pre-trial settlement demand in over 95% of the cases tried. In addition to the cases tried to a verdict, I have settled thousands of cases for favorable amounts that consider not only the cost of the settlement but the cost of going forward to trial. I settle the cases that should be settled and try the cases that can’t be. It’s a simple philosophy. I don’t go scorched earth but I don’t roll over either. Every case has a value. It can be zero. It can be in excess of $100,000. My job is to determine what that value is and why and resolve the case for that amount.

You’ll never find me on top of a semi-truck screaming about hammering people. You won’t find me in photos with my arms crossed trying to appear smart and tough. Where you will find me is working up the case and doing what needs to be done for the best possible resolution.

I live in Rockwall with my beautiful wife (and office manager) and my two daughters. In my spare time, I play bass in a modern rock cover band called Craigslist Killers. Come see us at a watering hole near you and I’ll tell you all about how we came up with the name.

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