Healthcare company recalled IV solution lots due to harmful particulate matters

In an online report published by Medscape on December 27, Baxter International Inc. has announced a voluntary recall of around 750,000 intravenous (IV) solutions after the company found out that the units contain potentially harmful particulate matter.

The company urged everyone using Baxter IV products with these lot numbers to discontinue use and to notify the company for recall arrangement:

  • 100 mL 5% Dextrose Injection (Lot No. P285288)
  • 50 mL 0.9 % Sodium Chloride Injection (Lot No. P297283)
  • 100 mL 0.9 % Sodium Chloride Injection (Lot No. P292326)
  • 100 mL 0.9 % Sodium Chloride Injection (Lot No. P293993)
  • 100 mL 0.9 % Sodium Chloride Injection (Lot No. P293514)

Particulate matter present in IV solutions might block the blood vessels, possibly leading to fatal complications such as allergic reactions, stroke, heart attack, and organ failure. If you have been negatively impacted by a defective medical product, speak with a Rockwall lawyer from The Majors Firm to know what steps to take in seeking financial compensation. Call 469-402-0246 for a free case assessment today.

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