Different Forms of Product Liability

Product liability is a legal concept that is intended to protect consumers from the dangers that they may face as a result of negligent or dishonest product manufacturers. While many products that are released in the United States first undergo extensive safety testing, the reality is that far too many contain serious dangers that can pose a threat to the health and safety of the general public.

Product liability laws exist to help anyone injured by a dangerous or defective product take legal action against the party responsible for their unnecessary suffering, and hopefully enable them to secure financial compensation for their losses. However, products can pose a variety of risks to consumers, and individuals can suffer a wide-range of injuries and other losses as a result of dangerous products.

The Three Categories of Product Liability

Almost any defect or problem with a product can cause consumers to suffer injury, but there are three basic categories into which most product liability claims fall. These are:

  • Design defects – dangers arising from the design of the product, making all versions of that product potentially dangerous.
  • Manufacturing defects – dangers arising from problems in the manufacturing process, which may affect one or many versions of that product.
  • Marketing defects – problems with the marketing or labeling of the product which fail to alert consumers to dangers, such as small parts that children could choke on.

Individuals who have suffered because of any of these defects may be eligible to take legal action against a product’s manufacturer or another party responsible for the item in question.

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