Forms of Child Custody

In a divorce, one of the most difficult issues that some couples may have to face is the issue of child custody arrangements. Even for parents whose divorce is relatively amicable and who sincerely want to do the best for their child, reaching a custody arrangement that will work for all involved can be extraordinarily challenging. This is especially true for situations in which one parent intends to move to a different city or state.

What many people may not be aware of when considering divorce is that there are many different forms of child custody that they may be able to pursue, and which can place a number of different rights and responsibilities on the parent. Therefore, it is critical that parents be able to understand the various forms of child custody arrangements that may be available to them.

Common Forms of Child Custody

The following is a brief explanation of the various forms of child custody that parents will need to discuss during divorce proceedings:

  • Legal – legal custody gives a parent the right to make important decisions regarding their child, such as religious upbringing and medical treatment.
  • Physical – physical custody gives parents the right to keep children in their care, whether solely or jointly with their ex-spouse.
  • Visitation – visitation rights give parents the right to spend time with their child.

It is important to note that modifications to all the above types of custody can be made as parents’ or a child’s situation changes.

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