Attorney Profile


Nathan Majors

I opened The Majors Firm in Rockwall, Texas on March 7, 2013. I opened this firm for two reasons: I want to work for myself and I want my clients to know me and not just see me as another name on the letterhead. There’s a place in the world for law firms with 1,000 lawyers and offices all across the globe. There’s just not a place in those firms for me. When you hire me you come to my office here in Rockwall or I’ll be happy to come to you. I’m the lawyer who handles your case. I’ll be the lawyer with you at the courthouse. I’ll be the one returning your phone calls. I’m responsible for your case and I’m responsible for the quality of the work and I’m the one you come to if you are not satisfied with the job being done.

I’ve focused my practice on three areas: Personal Injury , Criminal Defense, and Insurance and Corporate Defense.  If you have a legal problem, call me and we will find the solution.